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"Mindset, Mobility, Movement"

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About Us

Dimensions Performance and Wellness has been serving the Tampa Bay community since 2018. Our Physical Therapy Clinic is owned and operated by a highly skilled physical therapist who deeply values your health and wellbeing. We take great pride in providing our community with high quality, patient-centric care and health education. In order to do that, we prove one on one care with a licensed physical therapist for your entire treatment. Not you and 2-3 other people at the same time leaving you with your therapist for only 10 minutes. No therapy techs, no other patients, just you and your therapist. 

At Dimensions PT we have focus on sports performance training, post-surgical rehabilitation and chronic pain using corrective exercises, dynamic movement analyses and manual therapy such as myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, and neuromuscular therapy.

We combine our skills of massage and manual techniques along with teaching our clients how to correctly perform a selective but challenging exercise program and move using proper body mechanics to relieve pain, restore strength and increase mobility. We partner with the client so that their healing is a partnership.

Proactive and preventative measures help keep our community healthier, and we work with that idea in mind. Dimensions Physical Therapy and Wellness has the wellness services you’d like when you’re feeling fine, and the rehabilitation services you need when injury strikes. Come in or call to schedule your free 15 minute consultation.

Home: About Us

Get To Know Us

Dealing with health issues can be a difficult situation. You shouldn’t have to go it alone. The Dimensions Performance and Wellness team of certified, highly skilled, and experienced care providers always has our patients’ best interests and wellbeing at heart. Meet the face that is running our Physical Therapy Clinic, and schedule an appointment today.

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Dr. Verlencia Walker-Goner

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Verlencia Walker-Goner, born and raised in Pascagoula, MS, received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Florida A & M University in Tallahassee, FL. Prior to receiving her doctorate she attended Miles College in Fairfield, AL earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with minor concentration in Chemistry and Mathematics. Since graduating from FAMU she became certified in Decompression Cupping, Certified Personal Trainer,  Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), Sports orthopedic manual Therapy (CSOMT),  and Blood Flow Restriction Training. In the fall of 2018, she began a fellowship in Sports and Orthopedic Manual Therapy with the Institute of Athlete Regeneration where, upon completion, she will be prestigiously recognized and credentialed as a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist (FAAOMPT). 

In her spare time, her hobbies are competing in and training for bodybuilding competitions, listening to Podcasts, traveling and spending time with my two fur babies Sadie and Baxter. Here at Dimensions Verlencia is able to combine my love for fitness and wellness with her passion for helping rehabilitate those from injuries that stop them from doing things that they love.  

If you’re looking for kindness and compassion, then let Dr. Verlencia Walker-Goner manage your wellness and healthcare. From a basic consultation to diagnosing and treating ailments, stop by and see how Dr. Verlencia can help you. 

Our Services

Let us show you why we are different

As one of the Tampa Bay area’s most prominent resources for quality healthcare, Dimensions Performance and Wellness specializes in a wide range of medical services to get patients feeling healthier than ever before. And while we work hard to offer top-of-the-line individualize treatments that help you feel better and get better, we also focus on preventative strategies to ensure you stay better for longer.
We offer in office sessions, mobile/concierge treatment and online Telehealth sessions. More than your average Tampa physical therapist. Dimensions PT empowers you!

Leg Injury

Services Provided

  • Manual therapy

  • Kinesiotaping

  • Blood Flow Restriction Training 

  • Instrument Assisted Soft tissue mobilization (IASTM)

  • Movement assessments

  • Sports injury rehabilitation

  • Post-op rehabilitation

  • Injury prevention

  • Return to play

  • Distance Physical Therapy

  • Strength & conditioning

  • Recovery Packages

  • Individualized Remote Training

  • Online Personal Training


Conditions treated

We treat general orthopedic issues such as:

  • Sports and performance injuries

  • Injury prevention

  • Muscle strains and sprains

  • Back and neck pain

  • Shoulder and elbow injuries

  • Hip and knee injuries

  • Ankle and foot injuries

  • Overuse injuries

  • Joint replacements

  • Postural deficits

  • Post-operative injuries

Physical Therapist


Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! At Dimensions Performance and Wellness, our friendly and experienced staff will help you reach your goals. Following the completion of a physical therapy program most people are unsure on how to reintegrate back into the gym safely. If it is assisting with diet and workout plans to providing injury prevention training, we are here to help. Get your training plans done but a movement specialist, a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy that is also certified in personal training.

Home: Our Services

Mindset, Mobility, Movement

Here at Dimensions Performance and Wellness we center our process around 3 pillars; mindset, mobility and movement. Life does not happen in just one plane, neither should your therapy. In order to help you achieve maximal potential your treatment must happen in multiple planes and dimensions. Whether it be pelvic tilts on a ball, manual therapy or deadlifting. Each treatment will be individualized to you.

We Help Active Adults and Athletes
In The Tampa Area Get Back To 
​Workouts and Sports They Love

Without surgery, stopping activities you love or relying on pain medicine.

Sporty Woman Lifting a Medicine Ball
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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare Related Questions, Answered for You

Welcome to the Dimensions Performance and Wellness Help Center. For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some common questions and answers. Perhaps you have the same question that was on somebody else’s mind. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Drop us a line and our team of professionals will be happy to find the answer for you.

Home: FAQ

Do you offer free health consultations?

Yes! We offer free 10 minute consultations to briefly discuss your concerns and see if we are a good fit for each other. After the consolation a full evaluation is scheduled where the therapist is allowed to measure motion, feel for deficits and discuss more in depth your issues. These usually last 40 minutes to 1 hour. Consultations can be done in person, over the phone or online if scheduled in advance.

I am a new patient, what can I expect?

Dimensions Performance is a distinctive facility that offers physical therapy, injury prevention, and performance training. Our practice is different from most traditional clinics since we see patients in a private and quiet one-on-one setting. During your first visit, you will be evaluated thoroughly, treated and provided with a structured treatment plan and self-treatment strategies for you to complete on your own at home.
We use special techniques that include advanced manual therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, taping, and cupping to help you return quickly to your normal daily and recreational activities pain-free.  Once the pain and restrictions are improved, specific therapeutic exercises are incorporated to help improve your body’s stability and mobility to achieve optimal fitness level.

Do you accept insurance plans?

No. Due to the demands placed by insurance and our want to give patients the best care possible, we do not accept any insurance. As an out-of-network provider, this allows the opportunity to treat patients one-on-one for the entire session, unlike insurance-based practices. This will allow the therapist to spend greater time on assessment and hands-on treatment to address the musculoskeletal issues of each patient. Therefore, the recovery from injury is much faster. Also, this one patient an hour approach will allow the treating therapist to work on multiple body parts, which is difficult to accomplish with insurance companies. In addition, each patient receives instruction on the best reinforcement exercises to complete on their own through a home exercise program. We will however, provide you with a copy of a superbill that can be submitted to your insurance policy for possible reimbursement.You should be able to print claim forms from your insurance company’s website to send in with proper invoices that we will provide. The amount of reimbursement is dependent on your insurance plan.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, leggings, joggers and tennis shoes. Attire such as heels and jeans may feel restrictive during exercising.

Where are you located?

We can be found most times inside of Flex Appeal Miami Gym, 1010 E. Busch Blvd, Tampa, FL. However, we can come to you at your gym, house or work place if needed. In addition to being mobile, we also provide virtual web sessions.

How many patients do you serve at Dimensions Performance and Wellness?

One. Due to not being bound by insurance, we are able to spend the full session one on one with the patient.
You will receive a customized plan specifically designed for you, based off your unique injury.
Transparency in what you pay. You'll never get a bill from us 2 months after your visit.

Do you offer packages?

Yes. We offer packages of 5 and 10 that save 10% off the normal rate as well at 15 and 20 visit packages that save 15% off the normal visit rate.

What is your per visit rate?

Physical Therapy

  • $100 for 60 minute treatment (2 treatment sites)

  • $60 for 30 minute treatment (1 treatment site)

  • $25 for 20 minute post workout recovery sessions

  • $120 for 60 minute concierge/mobile visit( 1-2 treatment areas)

  • $60 for 50 minute Remote consultations/ TeleHealth

  • $15 for 10- min Stretching session

Personal Training Packages

  • 6-30 minute sessions $210 in person

  • 10-30 minute sessions $350 in person

  • 6-45 minute sessions $270 in person

  • 10-45 minute sessions $450 in person 

Single sessions

  • 30 mins-$40

  • 45 mins-$50

Single sessions with passive stretching

  • 30 mins-$45

  • 45 mins-$55

Virtual training sessions 

    • 6-30 minute sessions $200 person

    • 10-30 minute sessions $255 person

Will I need to see a doctor first?

No. In the state of Florida, you are able to see a PT for almost 1 month without a doctors prescription. After 30 days, if your condition has not improved or if it is determined that you will need more time, you will be referred to licensed physician.

What is the Individualized Remote Consultation?

This assessment will be based on specific movements via Skype video, pictures, and/or videos provided. Based on the assessment and critical information provided, you will receive recommended movements, drills, exercises, and/or strategies to help you achieve your personal goals.

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

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